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About Us

The Company

VeriVin is extending the capabilities of its already patented technology in order to non-invasively detect the presence and concentration of various molecular compounds in unopened bottles of wine – through the glass, without the need to take the cork out. This technology applies also to sparkling wine, fortified wine, and spirits.

In more general terms, VeriVin is working on the quantum-enhanced spectroscopic sensing of trace compounds in inaccessible complex liquids and the database of molecular ID tags that could be built as a result. This capability could have a truly disruptive impact on the wine industry and eventually be applicable in other fields.

The wine and spirits industry needs simple, rapid, and cost-effective techniques to objectively evaluate the composition and quality of wines and spirits. VeriVin’s technology allows for a screening tool which is not only simple and rapid, but is also non-invasive and can be used in-situ, without the need to extract a sample and send it to a lab.

This means that quantitative testing could be carried out on individual bottles before or after leaving the winery, or after long periods of ageing. VeriVin’s technology could easily be incorporated into a packaging line or it could be used as a stand-alone portable device.

VeriVin’s goal is to combine the art of physics and the science of wine to help winemakers, wholesalers, retailers, restauranteurs, and collectors demystify wine.

Dr. Cecilia Muldoon
DPhil (Oxon)

Cici is the founder and CEO of VeriVin. She is an experienced oenophile and physicist who is passionate about bringing together science and wine. She studied physics and finance at Princeton University, and holds a PhD in experimental Atomic and Laser Physics from Oxford University, where her PhD work focused on cold atom trapping and manipulation as a step towards the eventual implementation of a quantum computer. She is interested in the application of physics to new technologies, especially at the level where quantum effects start to play a role, and is fascinated by the molecular diversity of wine. Cici recently completed the WSET Diploma, and in her free time, she is a budding classic car judge and an amateur ballerina.