Through-barrier liquid analysis – know what’s in the bottle without breaking the seal.

VeriVin Instruments is an innovative start-up developing a unique through-barrier Raman spectrometer for the identification and classification of complex liquids in sealed containers.


About Us

VeriVin is developing a tool which allows for the unique spectroscopic ID tags of a given batch of complex liquids (oil, honey, milk, wine, whisky and so on) to be uploaded onto a database, analysed and used for quality control and authentication.

VeriVin’s technology allows for analysis which is not only simple and rapid, but is also non-invasive and can be used in-situ, without the need to extract a sample and send it to a lab.

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Our Technology & Applications

How does it work?

VeriVin has developed a through-barrier Raman spectrometer for the fingerprinting of liquids in sealed containers. We aim at building the largest database of bottled products (beverages, spirits, honey, wines, oils, pharmaceuticals…) and be able to trace their authenticity, quality and possible adulteration via advanced data analysis techniques.

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Estimates from the EU commission put the economic damage to Europe due to counterfeiting at 2.7 bn euros per year, with 218 million euros of damage to the UK. By several accounts, the percentage of counterfeit fine wine worldwide is as high at 25%, estimating that the global wine counterfeiting industry may be worth $3.1 trillion by 2022. We aim to build the largest wine database in the world and be able to track bottles along all the supply chain… Read More

Olive Oil

Adulteration of Olive oil is unfortunately very common, soybean and hazelnut oils are often used to increase the volume of expensive Extra Virgin Olive Oils. This creates a huge market for illegal organization. Raman spectroscopy is able to detect many of these frauds… Read More


Raman spectroscopy is able to uncover most frauds in honey adulteration: the presence of corn, beetroot and cane syrups has been detected through Raman spectroscopy supported by chemometrics. At VeriVin we are able to discriminate Manuka Honey, clear honey and glucose adulterated honey using our setup… Read More

Whisky and Spirits

Spirits, and in particular Whisky,  is the largest UK export market, worth above $4,5 billions. It has been estimated that a large amount of rare whisky on the secondary market may be fake, worth a total amount of  £41 m. At VeriVin we Aim to analyse and fingerprint fine whisky and be able to track them over time

Innovate UK Quantum Technologies Grant

We are delighted to announce that we have been offered a substantial quantum technologies government grant for a collaborative research project with the University of Oxford.

The aim of this project is to explore the use of Quantum-Enhanced Sensing Techniques to investigate the chemical decomposition of complex liquids in sealed containers. This will allow for the quality control and characterisation of liquid substances in a large variety of applications, ranging from testing and monitoring the production and long-term storage of beverages, to the analysis of liquids in health-care, chemicals and defence. You can read more about it on the Department of Physics webpage as well as in this press release.

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