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We are now launching our Pioneer Programme to engage with early user of this technology and tailor our offering to the needs of each specific sector. Pioneers have a chance to test our instrumentation and solutions ahead of anybody else in the market and to secure a discounted offer at the end of the programme. We will seek a minimum cost contribution only from the participants to the programme but will otherwise cover all development costs ourselves.

Figure 1: VeriVin’s testig and identification approach

VeriVin has developed a spectroscopic systems and associated software suite that allows for complex liquids like wines, spirits, honeys, oils, perfumes to be tested through-barrier, i.e. with no sampling and no need to breaking the container/bottle seal. By doing so, a unique ID-tags is associated to each single tested product and can be retrieved along the supply chain for counter testing and reassurance on quality tampering and provenance. 

Figure 2: example of hierarchical approach to the analysis of wines.

In simple terms, VeriVin’s device works by shining a laser into a bottle of wine or whisky and then detecting the outgoing Raman spectrum of the sample (see Figure 1). By studying these fingerprints, VeriVin can provide information on the origin, authenticity and quality of the product. Faults and adulterations can therefore be easily spotted. As an example, VeriVin complex hierarchical classification method  for a selected group of wines of certain vintages is shown  Figure 2.  

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