Fake and faulty products affect producers, suppliers, merchants, and end consumers, and they lead to a financial loss for all parties along the supply chain. The costs are not only direct but also indirect and intangible, such as increased shipping costs for returns and damage to one’s reputation. In the worst-case scenarios, contamination and adulteration can lead to physical harm and loss of human life. Testing is key to ensure only products that meet standards are being sold.

VeriVin is a platform technology company aimed at providing the food and beverage industry with comprehensive solutions to these widespread issues of product testing. Whether it be through one of our easy to use SLA001 devices, our growing database of optical fingerprints, or our consulting services, VeriVin makes knowing what’s in your bottle rapid and simple, all without breaking the container’s seal.

How does it work?

The basic physical phenomenon exploited by the VeriVin system is the Raman effect. Every molecule has its own frequency and, when hit by a laser, scatters photons of light in a unique way. This light scattering can be recorded and measured, effectively creating an “optical fingerprint” of the initial substance. VeriVin’s ground-breaking technology can detect Raman scattering in complex liquids such as wine, whiskey, and olive oil even through sealed containers of differing colors, thicknesses, and material types.

Each scan our instruments makes is then added and compared to our growing database of optical fingerprints. Machine learning algorithms subsequently analyse your bottle in context, helping to provide answers to questions of authenticity, provenance, and condition.

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