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Dr. Cecilia (Cici) Muldoon

Cici is the founder and CEO of VeriVin, an Oxfordshire based company that has developed a through-barrier spectroscopic analyser for wine, spirits and other complex liquids in sealed containers. VeriVin is creating a database with the optical fingerprints of millions of bottles of wine, olive oil, spirits and other complex liquids, allowing for these to be authenticated, characterised and monitored over time. She studied physics and finance at Princeton University, and holds a PhD in experimental Atomic and Laser Physics from Oxford University, where her PhD work focused on cold atom trapping and manipulation as a step towards the eventual implementation of a quantum computer. She has also completed the WSET Diploma, which is a bachelor’s level wine industry qualification awarded by the Wine and Spirits Education Trust. Her passion for wine began at Oxford, where she was president of the Oxford University Wine Circle and captain of the Oxford University Blind Tasting Team. In her spare time, she is a classic car judge and an amateur ballerina. She speaks five languages and is originally from Guadalajara, Mexico.

Dr. Edoardo Ceci Ginistrelli

Edoardo was hired as Research Engineer at VeriVin under a previous Innovate UK grant, and is currently the Head of Engineering. He implemented the current VeriVin hardware setup and is now managing the Product Development stage. He completed a PhD in Materials Science and Technology (Glass Science) from Politecnico di Torino (Italy) in 2017. Edoardo has acquired wide experience in spectroscopy of liquids and solid samples and in materials characterization, as well as in the design of innovative machineries for materials testing and processing (including a cutting edge glass extrusion facility). He has experience in the design of mechanical components and assemblies, including design of optical systems. Edoardo has a centuries-old family background farming and in Extra Virgin Olive Oil production, and first-hand experience in farm management. For such reason, he has also witnessed the dynamics and the damaging effects of frauds in the food beverage market and on the economy in general. He is author of 10 journal papers and 2 international patent applications.

Joscha Gutjahr

Joscha was hired at VeriVin after completing his Bsc in Physics and Music and Cardiff University. He writes both laboratory and infrastructure software for VeriVin. He is in charge of assembling the logic behind the operation, including data-taking software, server-communication, and data analysis and in future front-end web displays. He has written an in-house GUI as well as data analysis scripts. While at VeriVin Joscha has conducted chemometrics analysis and gained a deeper understanding of such analysis algorithms.  He has a very broad knowledge of VeriVin’s technical operations as well as helping with office and finance management. While at VeriVin he has moved through all sectors of the company starting with recruitment, finance and office work, moving onto laboratory work and data analysis and currently spearheading VeriVin’s software development.

Stephen Carboni

Stephen got his B.Sc in Information Technology in South Africa in 2017. He’s been digging his teeth into full stack development ever since, tackling the diverse needs of innovative startups in Cape Town and now the UK. He spends most of his time building new infrastructure for Verivin.

Dr. Axel Kuhn

Prof. Kuhn graduated from the University of Kaiserslautern in 1990, and finished his doctoral studies in 1995. With a Feodor-Lynen fellowship of the Alexander-von-Humboldt foundation, he concentrated on laser cooling as a post-doctoral research assistant with Prof. Dr. C. Cohen-Tannoudji at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris. In 1998, he joined Prof. Gerhard Rempe’s team at the University of Konstanz, and one year later, he moved with this team to the Max-Planck- Institute of Quantum Optics in Garching. During this time, Axel focused on quantum information processing with single atoms and photons. In 2005, he qualified as a university professor at the TU München, and he joined the University of Oxford as a lecturer in experimental physics one year later. Axel has an incredible knowledge in all fields of optics, and is the scientific advisor of VeriVin

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