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Dr. Cecilia (Cici) Muldoon

Cici is the founder and CEO of VeriVin. She is an experienced oenophile and physicist who is passionate about bringing together science and wine. She studied physics and finance at Princeton University, and holds a PhD in experimental Atomic and Laser Physics from Oxford University, where her PhD work focused on cold atom trapping and manipulation as a step towards the eventual implementation of a quantum computer. She is interested in the application of physics to new technologies, especially at the level where quantum effects start to play a role, and is fascinated by the molecular diversity of wine. Cici recently completed the WSET Diploma, speaks five languages, and in her free time, she is a budding classic car judge, general petrolhead and amateur ballerina. She is originally from Guadalajara, Mexico.

Dr. Axel Kuhn

Axel is Associate Professor of Physics at the University of Oxford since 2006. He actively pursues the implementation of new quantum technologies and applications to make quantum computing, information processing and communication a reality. Within the UK-funded interdisciplinary consortium exploring Networked Quantum Information Technologies (NQIT), he is leading all activities that strive at the controlled interfacing of atoms and light at the single particle level. He has worked in Munich, Konstanz, Paris and Kaiserslautern, and participates in numerous European research programmes. He advises VeriVin on the implementation of quantum-enhanced sensing methods, and is co-investigator of the Innovate-UK funded project the University of Oxford is running with VeriVin.

Dr. Paul Bertier

Paul got his doctorate in physics from the University of Lyon. He is particularly interested in the use of applied physics and specialises in the development of new technologies that capitalise on advances in new methods of particle interrogation. He is particularly excited to use his expertise and knowledge to study the chemical composition of wine. During his PhD, he investigated energy dispersion in molecules after an electronic excitation and coordinated a collaboration with the Atomic, Molecular and Optical laboratory of Riken in Japan, where he built an injection beam line for a cryogenic, electrostatic storage ring. Paul’s interest in wine extends to other gastronomic pursuits and he is a keen amateur chef. He works off the extra calories on the pitch by playing rugby.

Joscha Gutjahr

Joscha adds the element missing from VeriVin – song. Having tickled the ivories to a professional level, favouring classical with a soupçon of jazz, he investigated the acoustic properties of performance spaces while studying Physics and Music at Cardiff University. He also has an ear for linguistics. As a veritable polyglot, he’s worked as a translator and speaks his mother tongue of German, as well as English, French and some Arabic. While ensuring the smooth operation of the VeriVin laboratory and office, Joscha’s finely trained ear also maintains a constant upbeat playlist to keep us all moving. Not limited to aural stimuli, Joscha is a budding film director and shall give an insight to VeriVin through film (all whilst soldering in the preparation room).

Dr. Edoardo Ceci Ginistrelli

Edoardo joins VeriVin as a Research Engineer. He was born in Puglia, a land that is famous for its amazing food, red wines and olive oils. He recently completed his PhD at the Politecnico di Torino, where his doctorate focused on Material Science and Engineering, with a focus on the advanced applications of phosphate glass optical fibres in photonics and biophotonics. His experience includes the spectroscopic characterisation of materials, and the development of fibre lasers and novel implantable devices for cutting-edge biomedical applications. He has a passion for jazz music and swing dancing. Ask him to do the Lindy-hop with you in between sailing and tackling a couple of black runs (although maybe wait for him to take off his skis).

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